Cavalleria Rustican, Len Lear

“The voice that blew everyone away belonged to Beverley Vanessa Hill, a soprano from New York with astonishing power who has sung all over the world. In my 60 years of listening to operatic music, I have seen the late Joan Sutherland, the late Beverly Sills, and the late Marian Anderson, three of the greatest singers of the 20th century, and Beverley Vanessa Hill is definitely in their league.”

Art Forum

Heightened emotion arrived at Paula Cooper ’s satellite space on Tenth Avenue on Saturday night as a wave of extraordinary sound, actually a song of the sire ns. It came from four opera singers, all women, whom Liz Glynn persuaded to board boats that would ferry them from Staten Island to Manhattan, humming all the way, and then walk (still humming) for an hour —through a chilly rain —to the gallery, where they broke into full -throated song. The onetime performance introduced Glynn’s new papier -mâché sculptures, though they really looked li ke antiquities salvaged from the sea. (The show has a piracy theme.) “You never hear voices that big in a space this small,” observed Public Art Fund director Nicholas Baume , one of the many struck dumb by the experience. When I asked Beverl ey Vanessa Hill , who had the biggest and richest voice, what it took to make the whole journey, she said, “I understood that comfort is not good for art.” She was magnificent.

NOEN = Niederoesterreichische Nachrichten

MÖDLING / Mozart, Verdi, Rimski-Korsakov, Beethoven, Wagner and Puccini: Beverley Vanessa Hill (Soprano) from New York & Johannes Rödhammer-Roedemer (Bass) from Vienna planned the first part of their festive concert, in the Stadtgalerie, splendidly and in a classical vein.

The second half was as wonderful as the first. Both artists were able to hone their magnificent operatic voices to the needs of the Lieder and the concert hall expressing an admirable versatility.

The Christmas carols of Peter Cornelius, spirituals and some final traditional Christmas carols rounded out the successful evening.

Conrad Artmüller of the Vienna Staatsoper and conductor of the Mödling Symphony Orchestra was at the piano.

Obertauern goes classic


In the first part of the concert Beverley Vanessa Hill captured in storm the hearts of all listeners already with her first aria (Contessa/Figaro: Porgi amor) with the warmth of her voice and with her spotless technique which allows her to rise up into the highest heights without any recognizable effort.

The arias of Aida (Ritorna vincitor) and of Leonora from "Fidelio" as well as the aria of Tosca (Vissi d´arte) were received with intensive applause of the audience.

Magic Circle Opera, Ned Rorem All Star Tribute

American Masters Arts Festival Biennial Magic Circle Opera Ned Rorem
"From the song cycle Evidence Of Things Not Seen beginning with "Their Lonely Betters", Beverley Vanessa Hill sang this in a lush soprano ... roundness of tone." Bruce-Michael Gelbert,

Vienna, Musik Ohne Grenzen

"Beverley Hill was the highlight of Musik Ohne Grenzen and the talk of Vienna." Michael Jeannée, Courier

Salzburg, Christmas with the Stars

Beverley Hill brought cheers from an enthusiastic audience for her spellbinding performance at the Stars Gala Concert." Salzburger Nachrichten

New York, Die Fledermaus

"Choosing Beverley Hill to play Rosalinda was a stroke of genius; she delivered an absolutely flawless performance. Her clear, fine voice was pure pleasure to listen to. Ms. Hill (brought) real depth of emotion to her part with exquisitely executed passages." Ellen Keiser, The Southampton Press

Macon Symphony Orchestra

"Miss Hill's solos were magnificent ... a powerfully breathtaking voice. Our house of 1129 was completely sold out." Doris Wood, General Manager Macon Symphony Orchestra

New York, Merkin Hall

“Miss Hill's clear sound floated lightly over such songs as Reynaldo Hahn's D'une prison and Die Mainacht by Brahms." Bernard Holland, The New York Times